Goals of the Leonardo Da Vinci Centre

  • Assist Italian Immigrants
  • Preserve Italian Heritage
  • Promote Italian Canadian Kinship

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In the distant 1954 a group of Italians in Victoria BC gathered together to study the feasibility of joining up all the Italian immigrants of all Italian provinces under one roof, and to form an Italo-Canadian association.

After a year of intense work, in March 25 1955 an association with the name of : VICTORIA ITALIAN ASSISTANCE CENTRE was founded and incorporated in the "Registrar of Companies" of British Columbia. The purpose of the Centre was, and still is, to assist people of Italian origin.

  • To promote inter-relations among Italians and Canadians, encouraging cultural social activities.
  • To promote those activities which will orient Italians in the Canadian culture.
  • To promote those educational and recreational activities which will provide opportunity for better personal and social development of the members.
  • To encourage the descendants of Italian immigrants to preserve their Italian heritage. .

President: Ugo Barbon
Vice President: Tania Conforti
Secretary: Elisa Linuzzi
Vice-Secretary: Giovanna Greco
Treasurer: Keith Barbon
Counselors:  Mario Padovan, Giuseppe Lora, Gianfranco Mosca, Gianfranco Zanardo and Paolo De Paoli