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--MOVIE SCREENING-- Silver City, Saanich

On behalf of Entertainment One Films about our upcoming Canadian film, LITTLE ITALY, opening in theatres across the country August 24th. We would love to partner with you on promoting this film and offer your community a block of passes to the Victoria advance screening for contesting!


Based out of Toronto’s Little Italy neighbourhood, the film follows Nikki (Emma Roberts) and Leo (Hayden Christensen) as they navigate their romance amidst a raging pizzeria war between their fathers. This modern-day telling of a Romeo and Juliet story is full of laughs and heart, showing the importance of family, the persistence of love, and the ability for pizza to bring people together! It’s the perfect summer romantic comedy boasting an all-star cast, including acting legends Danny Aiello and Andrea Martin.


More information about the film below, let me know if you have any questions!


Release Date: August 24, 2018

Advance Screening: Thursday August 23, 2018 – 7PM at SilverCity Victoria

Director: Donald Petrie

Cast: Emma Roberts, Hayden Christensen, Danny Aiello, Andrea Martin, Alyssa Milano, Adam Ferrara, Jane Seymour

Synopsis: 15 years ago, best friends SAL and VINCE, makers of Little Italy's most storied pizza, had an ugly spat and set up rival pizzerias. Today, their “Pizza Wars” rage on. Sal and Vince divide their time between sabotaging each other's business and trading insults at the local bar. But not everyone wants war. Sal's daughter NIKKI (Emma Roberts) (25), and Vince's son LEO (Hayden Christensen) (26), have fallen in love. So have Sal's mother FRANCA (Andrea Martin) and Vince's father CARLO (Danny Aiello). When Franca and Carlo announce their wedding, Nikki and Leo's secret also spills out into the open. Sal and Vince can take it no more. They lay a wager-“Team Sal” will face “Team Vince” in a pizza cookout where the loser leaves Little Italy for good. Sal and Vince succeed in pitting their children against each other. Tempers are raging hotter than wood fired pizza ovens. Little Italy is now a war zone. Who will the winner be? Team Sal or Team Vince? And what of the two couples? Will their love become the victim, or emerge victorious in this ridiculously epic food feud?

Later Event: October 27
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